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On Sunday 2 of June 2024 the Cangzhou Qunying International Guo Shu Cup will take place again in Amsterdam. This competition will include traditional forms of Kung Fu and Dutch Tai Chi Championships (FOG).. Have you always been curious about Kung Fu? All the more reason to visit this unique European Kung Fu competition! It will be an amazing event including beautiful demonstrations, entertainment, and festivity.

Guo Shu Cup visitor information


Joining the event is completely FREE.

Date and time:

Sunday, 2 of June 2024, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.


Sportcentrum De Pijp
Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88
1072 RD Amsterdam
Click here for the location in Google Maps.

Hall of the venue:

Ground floor, hall room  2. Easily reached by the stairs.(After entering Sportcentrum De Pijp, go to the right and you will see the stairs almost immediately on the right. There is an elevator too for the disabled (when entering Sportcentrum De Pijp, walk straight into the hallway. At the end of the hallway you will find the elevator. Go to the first floor. .


There is a canteen with food and drinks.


Both with public transport, bicycle and car easily accessible.

Directions for public transport:

Traveling from Amsterdam center or South? Choose the North-South line (52).

  1. Get off at De Pijp metro station.
  2. Then walk south through Ferdinand Bolstraat.
  3. Turn left at Cornelis Troostplein, Lizzy Ansighstraat.
  4. The Sports Center is at number 88. (It is a 7-minute walk at most from the metro station.)

Traveling from Amstel station? Choose tram 12 in the direction of Amsterdam Centrum.

  1. Get off at the Van Hilligaertstraat stop.
  2. Walk north to Cornelis Troostplein.
  3. Turn right at Lizzy Ansighstraat.
  4. The Sports Center is at number 88. (It is a 7-minute walk at most from the metro station.)
If traveling by bike:

Plan your trip with Google Maps and enter the departure address. There is free bicycle parking space.

If traveling by car:

Plan your trip with Google Maps. Parking space is available but due to expected crowds it may be necessary to drive through the streets in the vicinity of the Guo Shu Cup venue to find a parking space. Therefore, take into account 5 to 10 minutes of healthy walking after parking.

Parking costs € 6 per hour from 12:00.

Keep up to date with the latest information by following the Facebook Guo Shu Cup page, click here.

Thankful for organization, judges and participants

We are happy to be working with Loe Hoyer from the Hoyer Wushu Institute for the modern wushu division. We are also happy to have Ricardo Sousa from the Ricardo Sousa Kung Fu Academy helping with the traditional Kung Fu divisions.

The Cangzhou Qunying International Guo Shu Cup will have a jury which will include Martial Arts Experts and Grand Masters from China. These Masters will come especially for the competition and look forward to seeing the martial arts practitioners here in Europe.

We are hopeful that they will be present but understand that in these uncertain times that it may not always be possible.

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