Speciale workshops van Hwang Jang-Lee en Wang Zhihai in juni 2016

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We proudly announce the presence of the following Masters on June 5, 2016

We are very excited to announce that Master Wang Zhi Hai will be visiting the Netherlands again this year. Master Wang is one of China’s living treasures of the Traditional Kung Fu. He has mastered many styles including “Yang Qing Quan”, “Pi Qua”, “Tong Bei”, “Fan Zi Quan”, “Tai Chi Chen style”, “Feng Mo Gun” and “Miao Dao”. He is especially well known for his skill with the Miao Dao, Pi Qua and Feng Mo Gun.

Master Wang is 5 times National Champion in China and has also won many diverse prizes including the Golden Award which was personally given him by President Obama. He has also been a member of congress in his city of Cangzhou. We are very honored to have him here as our guest and look forward to all the knowledge which he will share.

Tian Xiu Feng
Lan Shou Fist, or Blocking Hand st is more than 300 years old and originates from the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). The style is developed by a master called Zheng. This style emphasizes unifying internal and external. It has both defense and attack techniqes with agile stepping methods. Lan Shou’s techniques are fast and nimble.

Liu Lian Jun
Qi Lin Fist or Unicorn Fist is developed about 1500 years ago by Chang Mei (Long Eyebrow). It is an internal method from the Taoist Yin Mountain Sect. Qi Lin Fist is an outstanding internal and external st style. It includes both internal methods as well as st methods. Qi Lin style trains the body as well as the mind. It has a lot of value in practicing for health. It is a ghting method with valuable techniques for both defense and attack.

Hwang Jang-Lee

Previous headinstructor of the South-Korean & Vietnamese army. Known for his extremely powerfull leg techniques, which he performed numerous times in films such as Drunken Master.
9th dan in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kungfu, Tang Soo Do and much more.

Participation & registration 2016 edition

This years Guo Shu Cup will take place on June 5th, 2016 in Amsterdam. This year the competition will be held as a team competition. This competition is held to promote and encourage the practice of Traditional Kung Fu.

All forms must be traditional in nature without added modern elements. This competition is based on each school forming one or more teams so there is no individual competition. The price for each team to participate is € 100,- (for the adult teams). Each team must have a different candidates for the categories: hand form, a short weapon and a long weapon. Beside these categories, each team must also have a duida team. The duida team can be formed by either the existing 3 members or other candidates. It is important to us that the competitors take into account the kind of form they play. Please do not play a modern wushu form or a form that is played with modern elements added to it. This can only lead to disappointment on the part of the participant. There will also be separate category for children teams between 10 and 16 years of age. The price to participate for these teams is € 75,-.

This year we are happy to welcome master from China. This is a rare chance to see practitioners of old styles of traditional kung fu which we now rarely see outside of China. Come and see what you otherwise would never see!

In closing I would like to ask you to help spread the word about this competition. There are few schools that concentrate on the traditional kung fu and we would like to be able to reach them. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will participate.

As in years past we are doing our best to invite guests from China.

We hope to welcome you on June 5th at Sportcentrum de Pijp in Amsterdam. If you wish to participate, press the button below and register!


Why is this competition called the Guo Shu Cup?

The word Guo in the title means Traditional. This competition is especially organised to celebrate tradition in Kung Fu, or Wu Shu as it is also known. And here we find the word Shu, translated as Art. Together Guo Shu means Traditional Art, referring in this context to the practice of martial skills. These skills are very difficult to obtain: they require dedicated practice over many years. And it is exactly in this diligent practice, in the energy and love for the matter it requires, that its beauty unfolds for anyone who makes the effort.

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Podium for the old & new generation

From that point on the practitioner starts to make these skills their own, having graduated by unrelenting endeavour to the stage where he or she can express their true selves. In a fast-paced world it is exactly this long-term attitude that tends to su er, but as of late there is a renewed interest in all things with real staying power. Traditional Wu Shu has exactly this, and in this competition we want to show not only the best of the best from China, we also want to provide a stage for the young who have just started on their journey.

So today it is possible to see the genuine in movement!

From the experts who represent its origin in mind boggling pro ciency to the beginners from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, who’s sincerity is inspiring to all. As for the masters: they are from the Chinese city of Cang Zhou, the birthplace of over 55 styles of traditional Kung Fu. From this city, much Kung Fu spread to the rest of the nation. Not that Cang Zhou is the only birthplace of Wu Shu, but it has been recognised since long gone days, first by the people and now also by government, to be the principal region of martial arts. Cang Zhou (an ancient trade route with much need for protection of people and goods) is indeed famous for it in China!

And the people performing are in turn famous in their own city. It is really a rare chance to see this level of skill together; only travelling to Cang Zhou with an invitation to an event among masters and students would ‘normally’ make this possible. In order to make this display even more enjoyable, we have added a list of the masters, with their pictures and particular styles shortly explained. So today there will be none of the abby weapons, splits in the air and back flips of modern styles – a delight to watch and a marvellous skill in its own right; today offers purely traditional excellence on display in Sportcentrum De Pijp. We sincerely hope to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Purpose of this competition

This competition is organised by H.E. Eleonora of the Zhang Bingxin Liu He Men Federation, in cooperation with other teachers, in order to promote traditional Kung Fu with the people. Traditional styles of Kung Fu are practiced less and less in recent years, where its beauty and depth should be brought to the attention of all who wish to start or deepen a life in Kung Fu practice. During this competition the audience will be presented with a representative selection of traditional Kung Fu styles. Should you be interested in any of these styles after the demonstrations, you can always contact us for further details.
We hope you will much enjoy this year’s Guo Shu Cup.

Previous edition; special guests in 2015

Besides the numerous schools from the Netherlands and abroad, we proudly present our special guests from China:

Sun Shao Gang - Ba Ji Men 8 Extremities School
Guo Gui Zeng - Tong Bi Men Speading Power from the Back School
Yue Zhen Zhong - Tai Zu Men Great Ancestor School
Qi Ming Song - Yan Qing Men
Liu Lian Jun - Qi Lin Men Unicorn School
Miao Xiao Lan - Chuo Jiao Men Poking Legs School
Tian Xiu Feng - Lan Shou Men Blocking Hand School
Ma Xue Feng - Cha Hua Men
Wang Wen Geng Kong Ling Chun - Bai Yuan Tong Bi Men White Monkey

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