Miao Dao Workshop 16-18 maart 2018

16-18 maart Miao Dao workshop met Tian Xiu Feng.

Tian Xiufeng was born in Cangzhou, China. At 8 years of age he began his training in Lanshou Quan with Liu Hongchang who is a famous inheritor of the Lanshou style in Cangzhou. As an adolescent he participated in provincial-level competitions and won 31 times. In 2006 he won 3 first place prizes in the Hong Kong “Return Cup”. He holds 17 individual titles from “National Hometown of Wushu” competitions and 2 International titles. He has also twice been named one of “Cangzhou Citys Top Ten Sports Figures”.
Besides the Lanshou style, Master Tian is also specialized in Pigua Quan as well as Miao Dao and has 7 Duan in Chinese Martial Arts. He has travelled around the world and given seminars in Europe and Russia.

In 2008 Master Tian collaborated with many Masters of different styles of wushu as well as people from other walks of life to create the Cangzhou Qunying Wushu Culture Communication Ltd. Company. The purpose of this company is to carry on spreading the Chinese Wushu and national culture to the wider world and to bring health and wushu spirit to everyone. Master Tian is the chairman of this company as well being the vice chairman of the Cangzhou Martial Arts Association.